The classic Sergei Prokofiev composition Peter and the Wolf (1936) was torn apart to exhilarating effects in acclaimed artist Marc Arthur’s new version of this timeless tale, which looked at how childhood narratives can drive misplaced notions of innocence and purity. A cast of ten performers, including children ranging in age from seven to fourteen, acted out a series of fast-paced and mind-bending scenes drawn from over 80 different literary and pop culture sources to tell the story of Peter in the Wolf, in which a boy captures a wolf and takes him to the zoo.

A children’s chorus and a troupe of child ballerinas elevated the most dramatic moments of the production and viscerally reminded audiences that children are not always so innocent or kind. At the same time, a huge white canvas in the back of the space gradually filled with line, shape, and form as performers reconstructed the Peter story as a painting in which each color represented a different character. Each audience witnessed the creation of a painting unique to that night’s performance.

“Peter/Wolf” was presented in New York by the Performance Project at the University Settlement on March 18th 7:30pm, March 19th 2pm & 7:30pm.

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